Description of the Cibutil package

CIButil® (by CIBMAL) is a set of programs and commands, that ease up the daily utilisation of a PC. The functionality of some of the commands and programs in CIButil®, are also included in DOS. The CIButil® versions is lesser and/or more flexible. CIButil® contains commands and programs, with functionality similar to other available utility sets, as e.g. Norton Utilities and PCTools. CIButil® is not a competitor, but a supplement to such sets.

The package contains the following items, some of which is VERY old (over 10 years) - but might still be useful for some (?) We are open for suggestions of modifications, and might convert some of them to 32bit and GUI versions if needed.

Most of the tools were originally made for use in batchfiles, and many are mere extensions to the commands included in DOS, by making internal (and documented) DOS-features available from the Commandline. Some of these might at first glance seem obsolete in newer version of DOS and windows, but usually the CIButil version have less user-interaction (screenoutput and or confirmations).

The manual for all the contained programs, are roughly translated and modified from an original Danish version written in an old WordPerfect. If we get a good amount of feedback, we might use (more) time in polishing up the manual. Click here to download the manual in PDF (0.6M) and here to download in MS Word format (1M).

Click here to download CIButil. Since all the programs can be contained in a single small zip-file, individual download is not available.

The list is divided into sections depending on the assumed usability of today. And listed alphabetically in each category.

Common - Programs that are still useful for a wide range of use (and users)

Rare - Programs that are expected to be limited to a smaller segment of users

Weird - All kinds of stuff that might be useful for a very small segment of (other) freaks

Danish stuff